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Peak Performance

We’ll provide you with powerful mind training classes, role-playing activities, and video presentations capturing challenging real-life scenarios to build a compelling environment to identify your decision-making, feelings and emotions about these events. Our objectives are to encourage you to “get to know” yourself, and make quick, positive actions in a very short period of time to:

When addressing Peak Performance in the workplace or in the athletic arena

We use Guided Imagery and Visualization Rehearsal tools in conjunction with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) consultations to question current thinking and mental barriers obstructing your performance.

We also incorporate Visual Assimilation scenarios, such as videos of sports events like mountain biking over a treacherous terrain, road bike riding in the Tour De France, competing in an Olympic event in front of hundreds of thousands of people, pitching in a World Championship baseball game, playing in an AFL final, and so forth. We examine the skills required, the mindset needed, and the comradeship and teamwork required to get the job done. It is, after all, that one quick decision, or that one-hundredth of a second that can make all the difference, and we draw that parallel of performance to you in the business world.

When addressing nutrition and weight maintenance

We know your “True Wealth Is Your Health”. We support this by providing you with mind training classes and real-life eating scenarios, like eating out amongst an abundance of junk food; eating under stressful situations; eating on the run with little time etc. As such, we can identify negative triggers and habits, and turn them around. After all, we know that the mind/body connection is imperative in determining the choices we make in life, and an unhealthy body leads to poor performance. We are committed to improving both your performance and productivity quickly.