Overweight Woman Relaxing On Sofa

You Booze, You Don’t Lose!

Joanne enjoyed her nightly glass of red wine. It relaxed her and, after all she was of French parentage and the French have wine with every meal… And they’re rarely overweight! The trouble was … Joanne was overweight. In fact, she was an overwhelming 75 pounds (34 kg) overweight! Unknowingly,... View Article

Trousers won't do up? Hypothyroidism Dealing With It The Natural and Gentle Way


Dealing With It The Natural and Gentle Way   As we get older, we are no strangers to exhaustion, fatigue and often a blue mood here and there. And we are also no strangers to weight gain! However, if you are eating a good diet for the most part, and... View Article

Scrambled eggs with fresh tomato and arugula salad in frying pan

The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss

Do not skip breakfast, thinking it will help you lose weight.   Although it may seem paradoxical, evidence suggests that breakfast is important for shedding pounds. Breakfast eaters are not famished by lunchtime. Thus, they are less likely to overeat at lunch or to choose junk food for that meal;... View Article

Pasta spaghetti with pesto sauce, fresh basil and cherry-tomatoes

You CAN Eat Pasta!

Pasta Has Been “Unfairly Demonized” I know you have heard it before, “If you want to lose body fat, avoid carbohydrate rich foods such as pasta at all costs!” Yet, there are ways to eat pasta and still maintain a healthy body weight! In fact, a new survey of more... View Article

Successful young blonde woman practising self-forgiveness

Practice Self-Forgiveness Not Self-Hate

When You Go Off Your Diet, Practice Self-Forgiveness Not Self-Hate   Virtually everyone who has ever gone on a diet has experienced this common scenario: You’ve really been trying, following my tips, zipping along the main line. But one day you derail. Maybe you binge at a holiday dinner, feast... View Article