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Questions & Answers

What is the MVB-Health approach to Peak Performance?

The MVB-Health approach is a lifestyle that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. We address you as a “whole person”, and tackle real-life issues and situations that may be hindering your attempts to feel energized and productive.

We use the most current neuroscience research to bring you mind training and nutrition consultations. We also provide you with powerful video presentations capturing challenging real-life scenarios to build a compelling environment to identify decision-making, feelings and emotions around such events. Our objectives are to encourage you to “get to know” yourself and make quick decisions and/or changes in a very short period of time.

What is the MVB-Health approach to eating?

There is not “one” singular way to eat. The human body is both highly adaptable and also unique. So there are many ways to eat, depending on your culture, environment, personal needs, food preferences, budget, and also your body, blood and metabolism type.

For instance, the countries well known for low obesity rates, include the Asian cultures (Philippines, Thailand, Japan and Okinawa) and in Europe, the French. Asian cultures enjoy small servings of fish, soy, white rice, red meat, sauces (often lightly sweetened), and ample fresh, local vegetables. The traditional French diet, however, is filled with small servings of pastries, rich cream sauces, poultry, fish and red meat, combined with ample legumes, and fresh local vegetables with quality wines and cheeses.

One diet does not fit all!

For this reason, at MVB-Health, we work with a variety of natural eating plans that involve real, whole natural foods: For some of our clients, the Paleo diet, or the modified Atkins diet is preferred; others choose a plan including all three macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats), such as a diet plan recommended by a RD (dietician) from one of our affiliate programs; others choose to follow the Weight Watchers plan, the Whole-30-program or a program better suited to their culture and values. We at MVB-Health respect and honor these different approaches.

Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition (PN) Coaching is a 12-month total health transformation program established by RDs, Scientists and Exercise Physiologists.
Often referred to as the “science-based, personalized nutrition program,” it focuses on the individual, rather than on a generic, “all diets fit one” approach to coaching.
Certified PN coaches are trained to combine the science of nutrition with the art of individualized coaching to guide their clients through important—yet sustainable—changes in their eating and lifestyle habits.
The curriculum is based on the philosophy of “deep health”, which is a powerful and optimistic vision of our potential to change. The PN approach uses the most current scientific knowledge about health, fitness and nutrition to create a strategic set of progressive, practical actions to help people realize that potential.

To date, over 100,000 clients have transformed their bodies and improved their health in amazing ways, making PN the largest and most successful nutrition coaching service in the health industry.

 What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy, or what I like to call it, Guided Imagery, is a natural part of our lives. It is a state of mind we go to when our bodies and our minds are simultaneously relaxed and at ease. It is a very effective way of bypassing our conscious minds (where we hold our current rational and analytical way of thinking), and tapping into our subconscious mind, (where we hold all the experiences we have had through our lives, either good or bad). For this reason, Guided Imagery can help you uncover and clear unwanted and deeply ingrained conditioned thinking, or destructive or hurtful memories that are hindering your efforts of reaching your conscious goals.

As such, it can heighten your motivation and help you program your subconscious mind to work in active co-operation with your conscious desires.

What are the Visual Rehearsal tools you refer to in your practice?

Visual rehearsal, or often referred to as “mental imagery,” is an extension of the Guided Imagery consultations I have with you. After we explore, identify and clear unwanted ingrained poor habits and ways of thinking, we “open the door” to implementing positive suggestion and images that align with your conscious desires and goals.

As such, I work with you to create the new “movie” of your life, giving you images and a positive script that closely aligns with your immediate and deepest goals.

In sport

I use this practice to help you get the best out of yourself in training and competition. After all, studies show again and again that the athletes who make the fastest progress, are those who use mental imagery daily as part of their training regime. They will rehearse their training, their race or game, feeling it kinesthetically in their minds by hearing the accompanying sounds, the thoughts they will be thinking, and how their body will feel and perform. This gives them a powerful tool to re-enact and practice the exact peak and perfect performance they hope to achieve.

In the Business World

It can be effectively used to practice peak performance in sales events; public speaking; making sharp, quick decisions, or making better relationships with staff or coworkers.

In Weight Maintenance

Mental imagery and rehearsal can be used effectively to practice the daily actions needed to be healthy, in which we rehearse cooking delicious and healthy meals; choosing the right foods over unhealthy foods when shopping or eating out; and choosing how we act positively when surrounded by unhealthy lifestyle choices. Each mental rehearsal session is once again practiced in the mind kinesthetically, in which the client is encouraged to see, smell, feel and taste the healthy food they eat, and experience how good it makes their bodies feel. The client also see themselves riding a bike, swimming, walking, running or doing the exercise of choice, and feeling the healthy endorphins throughout their bodies, in which they see and feel their bodies transform from unenergized, overweight and unhealthy to energized, lean and healthy.

As the saying goes, “what the mind believes the body achieves.”

How much weight and fat will I lose on your program?

We are all unique, with different life situations, so it is difficult to know what each person will experience, or how quickly they will lose body fat. However, the information and tools in this program do have a positive impact that leads to fat loss. Nevertheless, your results will be directly related to your diet plan, and your commitment and willingness to make the changes needed to stay motivated and healthy.

Once I have lost body fat, how can I keep it off?

This program provides you with valuable lifestyle, nutritional educational and exercise information, all designed to guide you for a lifetime. However, your ability to maintain weight loss will depend on your commitment to follow the healthy eating guidelines, exercise programs and valuable lifestyle tips given in the MVB-Health programs. Naturally, your results and how quickly you lose body fat will be directly related to your body, metabolism type and your lifestyle choices.

Do I have to give up everything I love on this program, like bread, chocolate, cakes, alcohol and red meat to lose weight?

This depends on the program you choose. If you follow a traditional French-style program or the MVB-Health eating plans, like I do, you will not have to give up everything you love to eat and drink. You can be like the French, who paradoxically eat small servings of bread, chocolate, cakes and red meat. They also enjoy their wine and other delicacies, and yet rarely put on excess body fat! I will teach you the skill of healthy eating, a skill WE ALL CAN HAVE!

However, if you choose a stricter diet plan, which many of my clients do to suit their body type and personal or health needs, such as food allergies or intolerances, you will have to give up, or strictly limit many of these foods. However, I am committed to offering you a variety of natural, fun and healthy ways to do this. I’ll offer you recipes and support to HELP YOU STAY WITH the program of your choice.

This is what makes my program unique and more effective long-term than most other programs on the market! It’s realistic and based on worldwide research, incorporating all cultures, lifestyles and eating habits and needs.

Do I have to cook meals and eat separately from my family?

No. I will teach you how to implement small and simple, yet powerfully effective changes so that your menu plans fit all your individual requirements, including, metabolism types, and food and lifestyle needs.

I have to travel a lot. How can I possibly stay on this program?

The MB-health program understands real life issues and the demands of work and travel. So my programs incorporate skills on how to eat while “on the road”. Some programs require careful planning and preparation, but I’ll show you how!

How much and what types of exercise must I do on this program?

I believe exercise should be based on enjoyment, your lifestyle needs and personality type. As such, I have included three programs that you can use merely as guidelines so that you have the flexibility to use your immediate environment and community resources:

The three basic programs include:

  1. For the beginner who has been predominantly sedentary throughout his/her life.
  2. A program for the social athlete who enjoys working out with his/her friends.
  3. A more structured and advanced program.

There are endless ways to exercise. You can choose to walk to work, take a yoga or aerobic class, train at the gym or at home, or take a hike or run in the outdoors. Depending on the exercise program you choose, you will exercise between 3-6 days a week from 20 to 60 minutes per day.