Nutrition for the Mind, Hypnotherapy for a healthier life-style. MVB-Health.

From breaking through destructive mental blocks, to improving daily cognitive and physical tasks, I can help you and your company’s overall health and productivity …

The MVB approach is a lifestyle that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. We address you as a “whole person”, and tackle real-life issues and situations that may be hindering your attempts to feel energized and productive.

We use the most current neuroscience research to bring you mind training and nutrition consultations. We also provide you with powerful video presentations capturing challenging real-life scenarios to build a compelling environment to identify decision-making, feelings and emotions around such events. Our objectives are to encourage you to “get to know” yourself and make quick,
positive decisions and/or changes in a very short period of time.


Custom Nutrition Plans, save time and money, release body fat and cellulite

The Inner World of Health

The Real Solution to Yo-Yo Dieting

  • I’ll work with your personality, metabolism type and unique individual needs to find the right program for you. One diet plan does not fit all!
  • I offer powerful hypnotherapy sessions to help you unlock destructive thoughts that are at the root of overeating and poor lifestyle choices.
  • I’ll give you “brain power” training programs and immediate downloadable audios to retrain your mind for peak performance, weight loss and more!

Workout Tips & Exercise Routines, well-balanced workout, results in less time

The Inner World of Exercise

  • I’ll give you powerful mental tools to boost your energy and strength.
  • I’ll provide you with mind training programs to help you be consistent and motivated, so you “want to” exercise, not “have to”.
  • I offer visualization consultations and guided imagery training audios to help you heal and overcome injuries.
  • I’ll give you super fun workouts to shed body fat fast!

boost your body image

Boost Productivity and Performance

  • I’ll show you how to eliminate common mental barriers that are preventing you from peak performance.
  • I’ll give you powerful mental rehearsal and role-playing drills to improve your overall performance and effectiveness.
  • I’ll tap into your subconscious to show you the real secrets to unlock destructive habits that are at the root of stress, inactivity and poor productivity.


❝As an artist and healing professional, I have dedicated my life to helping people reduce stress and heal body, mind and spirit. Michelle Baumgartner’s books and programs are about healing those places in the mind and body that limit our spiritual and physical development. More than just information about weight loss, Baumgartner teaches us how to live a life of optimum joy and completeness.❞

–Steven Halpern, Grammy nominated recording artist, sound healer, and author of Sound Health

Success Stories

Learn How We Transformed Our Bodies To Lean, Healthy and Toned

❝ Sticking with this program changed my life, and my family’s too. I am a happier and healthier person… ❞ Maria L., Age: 33 Lost 43lbs (19.5kg)

❝ Don’t let anyway tell you that you can’t lose weight after 60!…. My eating improved, I learned to eat for my body type, and I actually wanted to exercise again. I lost 35 pounds in a little over 3 months. I love my new body and my new life! ❞ Caroline B., Age: 62 Lost 35lbs (16kg)

❝ I went on this program with my mum and I didn’t think I could do this. …. But, I lost 28 pounds and my stomach feels so much smaller and harder now. ❞ Sarah P., Age: 19 Lost 28lbs (23kg)

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