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Practice Self-Forgiveness Not Self-Hate

When You Go Off Your Diet, Practice Self-Forgiveness Not Self-Hate


Virtually everyone who has ever gone on a diet has experienced this common scenario: You’ve really been trying, following my tips, zipping along the main line. But one day you derail. Maybe you binge at a holiday dinner, feast on junk food at a party, or seek to get your money’s worth at an all-you-can-eat restaurant.

“I’ll go back on my diet tomorrow” you tell yourself. But the next day the cravings are back – remember the Standard Western Diet these days is addictive! – and so you go off your diet again. At this point you figure you’ve ruined your diet so you may as well eat the food you love and you go right back into eating unhealthy food and hating yourself.

How can you stop this cycle?

First, tell yourself that all is not lost. Weight gain is not the result of one bad day but of habitually choosing the wrong foods, overeating, and under exercising. Get back on the track the next day or, even the following day if you happen to go off for two days.

Second, forgive yourself for being imperfect – for being only human. Everyone messes up — we are all human! The key is view such obstacles a or short term failures as only temporary and opportunities to learn more about yourself, your trigger points and do better the next time. After all, weight loss is a challenge even when you eat healthy diet and exercise. Modern life is replete with temptations and stress, and these can lead anyone to the cookie jar at times. Negative emotions about your body image as well will spur binge eating and self-loathing. Accept that this will happen occasionally and instead of beating yourself up for indulging in that yummy treat, resolve to make better choices for the rest of the day and tomorrow. When you learn to do this, you will build self-love. And ultimately it is self-love, not food choices that will help you maintain your weight.

I have done this, my clients have done this, and you can too!


Wishing you much happiness and health,


(Nutritionist, Life Coach and Director of MVB-Health)
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