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The Secret to Weight Loss

The Secret to Weight Loss Lies Not in Dieting but in Changing Self-Defeating Thoughts

Are you part of the yo-yo dieting club?
If so, you likely have felt the self-loathing that comes from overeating and weight gain.
A knife and a fork, rather than your thoughts, control your well-being: when you lose weight, you feel happy and have a new lease on life; when you gain the weight back, you feel like a failure, with no will power or self-control.

Eventually, you may stop trying. “I’m only going to gain the weight back,” you think, “so why deprive myself of a large chocolate fudge cake, when it makes me so happy? Life is short. Live it up.”

Are You Ready for Your Wake-Up Call?

Successful fat loss is not primarily about eating low-calorie food and exercising. It is more about loving yourself enough to want to do what is best for your body. This can happen if you change your thoughts.

Negative thoughts feed into a negative self-image, and you find it hard to escape the dieting yo-yo in which you are stuck. The result is not only weight gain but also self-blame and low self-esteem.

To change this lifestyle, you need to understand that true happiness is not about your weight but about you, the person. It is about loving yourself enough to feel empowered to do what it takes to be healthy and happy. 

When you believe that you deserve health and happiness and you change your mindset from dieting to creating a positive and joyful environment, you will gain new healthy habits that enable you to cope with life’s challenges and turn them around.

This kind of empowerment grows from building self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-reliance, which ultimately give you the confidence to feel that you are the captain of your own ship.

A healthy body will come, not from dieting, but from a healthy mind. I discovered this, and you, too, will find it true.


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Wishing you much happiness and health,


(Nutritionist, Life Coach and Director of MVB-Health)
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